Sunday, November 3, 2013

Urgent Election Info...Wrightsville Beach

In those years when there is no Presidential Election, we all suffer from low voter turnout!

Why don't we vote? 
Don't we think it matters?

Not voting can be disastrous; many Executive, Legislative and Judicial government positions are up for grabs, that can and will have an enormous impact on our daily lives going forward. 

Mayors, Aldermen, Councilmen... the people who govern our local communities are seeking our vote.... and our vote as singular and individual as it is, may make all the difference in the outcome... and for years to come.

Think about it, years to come! How we are taxed and what gets done with those tax dollars is what's at stake. Will it be spent strategically or perhaps frivolously? 

Critical Election at Hand in Wrightsville!

In Wrightsville Beach we do in fact have a rather critical election at hand. 

The current Board of Alderman in Wrightsville Beach have been predominately a 3 to 2 vote to stall that has stalled the strategic direction of WB time and again. It has been painful to attend the BOA Monthly meetings and observe the performance of Aldermen Collins, Mills and King.. they simply have refused to engage and address critical issues in our town. They have hidden behind their moronic moniker of being fiscal conservatives and thus has been a simpleton's dodge for let's avoid addressing the issues.
say it ain't so!
Let the future  Boards deal with this stuff... "we can look good just holding the world as is". But in a community that has in excess of $3 Billion in Real Estate Value and a year round population on 2500 that swells to 25,000 to 30,000 in season, and is in the path of potentially severe storms, we the citizens can not depend on "just holding things in place". We need active management of our strategic issues., planning for that rainy day and engagement with the regional, state and federal agencies and private partnerships. Whether you own property and live here, own property and visit here, rent here or just love to visit, the issues of Wrightsville Beach as a resort destination community loom before us. 

We now have up for election 2 Alderman seats.  Filling these seats with experience, demonstrated commitment and simple listening and engagement with the citizens is critical!

Good News!

We have 2 extremely qualified and tested candidates to take on those 2 Alderman seats.

Bill Sisson for WB Alderman on FB &
billsissonforalderman.blogspot .com
Bill Sisson our incumbent Alderman is running for re-election  

Re-Elect Lisa Weeks for Wrightsville Beach Alderman on FB &
Lisa Weeks a previous 
Alderman is seeking re-election.

       These two individuals Lisa Weeks and Bill Sisson are neighbors you will see around our town, engaged in speaking with citizen and our businesses in town before during and after election day, They are on the Loop, out on the water, at the beach and in committee meetings of other important organizations and government agencies, at beach sweeps and town fund raising events. Checkout their postings on Facebook etc. as noted above they have shared their views
unlike other candidates. 

Bill Sisson as been own most active Alderman, he has been Driving a regional coalition to delay the Biggert Waters Flood Insurance and he has succeeded. He has also been the Alderman focused on NC DOT projects and prioritization that effect WB . 

Lisa Weeks beyond her previous Alderman years 2 years ago has not rested for one moment. The Wrightsville Beach Foundation, Taste of Wrightsville  Beach, Masonboro Island, Hospice of Cape Fear have all had Lisa's experienced leadership hand at play. These 2 candidates are all about leadership.

 They spend their time connected to the citizens and the issues we face. Their Heart, Minds and Interests are focused on the community interests of the People of Wrightsville Beach.

Talk is cheap ... action speaks volumes!

           A comparison of Lisa and Bill to the other candidates (Andy Hall & Hank Miller for Alderman as well as the uncontested Mayor Candidate Bill Blair) will easily show that Lisa and Bill have "the" track record of open government, strategic thinking and engagement on Wrightsville issues and above all an absolute commitment of their time in seeing things through. 

          In the world of politics and government "talk is cheap". The track record of Lisa and Bill is clearly refreshing when it comes to our future needs.
I Voted

When we fail to vote we fail to push elections in the direction that we may want to see driving our future.

Please Vote.

Please vote for our 2 Alderman Candidates 
Lisa Weeks and Bill Sisson 

Please share this post with your friends who care about Wrightsville Beach.

 Thanks for reading, we encourage everyone to view the TOWB BOA Monthly Meetings ( Go to search Wrightsville Beach) to validate how local government has performed.

From the whole team at we welcome your comments.

Noah, Liz, Ned, Mike and quite a few other who encourage us. 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Danger Zone ...Improving Downtown Section of Wrightsville

Waynick, Causeway, Lumina
By Wrightsville Beach Foundation
Finally, a pathway towards improving the Waynick/Causeway/Lumina intersection at Wrightsville Beach.

But, your help is needed! 

The Board of Alderman need our input on seeking Grant funding to make this all happen.

Anyone near this intersection ...

  • walking,
  • strollering 
  • jogging 
  • biking 
  • dog walking 
  • parking 
  • skateboarding 
  • eating an ice cream cone
  • driving 
  • or even daydreaming of a day the beach
      ..............has experienced some aspect of the Dangers it can present.

This spot is a hub for people both in and out of vehicles. It is central to restaurants and shops, It is the gateway for going to the beach, heading to the south end or starting a long slow look for a parking spot.

The Wrightsville Beach Town officials will hold a Public Hearing  at Town Hall  Thursday October 24, 2013 at 6 pm.


The Town of Wrightsville Beach is considering applying for a STP-DA Grant for intersection improvements to the Causeway Drive/Waynick Avenue intersection and for pedestrian improvements between this intersection and Stone Street.  The Town is seeking input on this project.  Attached is a conceptual rendering of those improvements.  The grant application is for $292,000 and requires a match of 20% or $58,400.  The total cost of the project could approach $400,000 due to needed utility improvements in the area. 

Please plan to attend and give your input. Without citizen input, there is little hope for change. This intersection needs safety, logistic and aesthetic improvement. It needs our input and support.

Thanks for reading, hope to see you at the Public Hearing,


18 Seconds more ... could mean Life or Death

Changing a posted speed limit in a town or neighborhood can be a contentious matter. A real hot potato type issue. These days the emphasis always seems to be about faster, faster, faster! So when the public seeks to slow things down and reduce the speed it is worth noting... it is even worth listening.

On October 10, 2013  in Wrightsville Beach Town Hall Chambers, there was be a Public Hearing about the idea of reducing the speed limit along West Salisbury Street from 45 to 35 mph.

The citizens registered their opinion loud and clear,

"Reduce the Speed, Make it consistent, Make It Safe"!

The NC-DOT even recommended this change NOW! Not Later, Not after further studies, but NOW!

This is driven by safety. The statistics, that Vehicle Speed Kills pedestrians and bicyclists, are well established. AAA, NTSB, CDC and many other organizations all have had a hand in evaluating reducing the risk of Severe Injury and Death due to collisions with vehicles is the goal. Make it Safe!

The increased travel time due to this speed limit reduction is 18 to 20 seconds, that is a moot point.

The good news is the motion to reduce the speed was passed by the Board.

Hopefully, this change will make it easier and safer for pedestrians and bicyclists to use this corridor and to cross Salisbury Street.

BTW... it is NC State Law to stop in both directions for people in designated crosswalks. Just like we need to do for a stopped school bus.

Thanks for reading and please have a safe walk, jog or ride at Wrightsville Beach.


Thursday, September 19, 2013

OOPS! ... note this important change to our last post

 With reference to our last post about the Biggert- Waters National Flood Insurance Reform Bill 2012

Storm Erosion
Please use this email contact for sending your flood insurance email to Senator Burr.


Sorry, my bad, Noah

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Urgent Issue Regarding National Flood Insurance Rates

Urgent issue regarding Flood Insurance Rates and Real Estate Values

Dear Neighbors….Property Owners living in or near flood zones,

            This is to inform you about significant changes in the National Flood Insurance Program that will have grave economic consequences to all of us with property on or near any flood-able stream, creek, river, bay, sound or ocean etc. in the United States. This is an issue of national scope. .

 There is an important action that each of you (husbands, wives, adult children) need to take to protect your financial assets including your real estate. It is important to send a short email to our North Carolina Congressional Representatives (Senators Burr and Hagan, Congressman McIntyre), seeking their support to delay implementation of the Biggert Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act 2012.

I will briefly outline the history, consequences and the simple action steps that you should take.

History- In July 2012 the President signed a Transportation Bill (HR 4348) tucked quietly into the pages of that bill is a section known as Biggert Waters. This sub-section was virtually unread by our representatives prior to approval and is only now (over 12 months later) being put under the light of scrutiny, regarding the implications that will effect our homes across the nation..

Biggert Waters – This Bill was driven by the massive financial loses in the National Flood Insurance Program experienced from Hurricanes Katrina and Super Storm Sandy. The goal is to make the program financially solvent by immediately canceling or reducing subsidies of the flood insurance premium rates. Rates will immediately jump to be on full risk premium basis for business properties, non-primary residence or upon sale of a home. Primary Residence currently insured will have a 20% jump each year until the full risk premium is reached (estimated to take 4 -5 years).

Consequences – While the goal of financial solvency is noble the implementation, which begins this coming October, will have significant consequences...our insurance premiums will jump. The amount of increase, will vary with the location of your home to the water, the amount of open water your home faces (susceptibility to wave action), the elevation above sea level and the height of your first floor.

Estimates are that some rates could be in the range of $10,000 to 30,000 per year.

This will have, not only a direct impact on our pocket books but also effect real estate values until this turmoil stabilizes in perhaps 5+ years.

Clearly the consequences of this Bill were never understood and now time is of the essence to take action. Only Congress can stop of delay this situation.

Further Biggert Waters Information- On the Town of Wrightsville Beach website TOWB.ORG at the lower right corner (homepage) you can find some presentation materials that show some examples of rate estimates and specific houses here in Wrightsville.

Actions: Please send an email to our Federal Representatives requesting a delay in the implementation of Biggert Waters until the economic implications are more clearly understood.

Congressman McIntyre -
Senator Hagan -
Senator Burr -

*****Sample Text for email****: follows

Dear Senator (Burr) :

I am writing to ask for your help in mitigating the negative economic impacts The Biggert-Waters amendment (National Flood Insurance Program) to the 2012 Surface Transportation Bill will cause in my town.

By removing grandfathering provisions for existing policy holders who built their homes according to the State Building Codes in effect at the time of construction the amendment needlessly penalizes our citizens for following the law.  Furthermore by lowering the substantial improvement threshold from the historical limit of 50% to 30% those who try to meet current standards are also penalized.

All businesses are excluded from the program and even pre-FIRM, primary dwellings are not exempt from the effects of this bill.  It still allows base rates for risk classes to increase up to 20% per year.  If new flood risk maps change the risk class of a dwelling this increase would be further exacerbated.
This legislation would have a negative effect on land values, businesses, home prices and construction.

I urge you to support legislation to retain the Flood Insurance Program but to at least delay implementing the Biggert-Waters provisions until a thorough evaluation of the economic effects of its impact can be evaluated and to further modify its requirements to reduce these negative effects.

Yours truly,

John Q. Public
XX North Lumina Street,, Wrightsville Beach, NC

Thanks for reading and taking action on this matter, our personal resources and our community’s real estate value is at stake.

And a special thanks to Wrightsville Beach Alderman Bill Sisson who has been an important leader in this effort across the Town of Wrightsville Beach and across New Hanover County.


Noah Bridges